All I ever wanted was an interesting creative life and so it goes. I’ve been shooting for over twenty years for agencies, direct to client, industry, corporate, interiors, bikes, hospitality, food, chefs and people. Always people. I love the connections, the randomness of where I go, what I see, who I meet, how things work and how people are.
The fantastic portrait photographer Steve Pyke once said to me, ‘Nick if they don’t want to smile don’t try to make them. You’re not that funny.’ Still, I tried with the late great George Best. It was an honour, but of course Steve was right.
I am from Yorkshire. I am not a Viking. I discovered this shooting in Norway, 23 below zero. My taxi driver in a t-shirt laughing at me freezing and fighting with my 5 x 4 plate camera. I thought I had frostbite. He was a Viking and I am not, he told me so, often.
This much I know… a crab fisherman in Malin Head told me that every year brown crabs walk all the way from Western Scotland, down the coast of Ireland, out into the Bay of Biscay until they reach the cliff edge of the Continental Shelf. They have a look over, then walk all the way back to Scotland. Sideways presumably.
There’s a General Manager of a London hotel who sadly doesn’t ever want to see me again. It was legendary hotelier, Robin Sheppard’s idea, to ‘shoot a pillow fight’. I thought slashing two duck-down feather pillows would be ‘just about right’. Try it yourself at home.
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